Concrete Garage Floor Paint

Not many homeowners pay much attention to the state of their garage floor. However, with the influx of do it yourself and home makeover television shows this is changing. Concrete garage floor paint sales are increasing much more rapidly in the last several years. Some people have used an oil-based paint on their floor; however, they eventually find that it peels off relatively easily. This frustrates people because of all the work they did to get the floor painted in the first place. The problem is that the wrong paint is used or the floor was not cleaned properly before painting.

Before any concrete garage floor paint is applied, the floor must be thoroughly cleaned. Go to your local hardware store and find out what they have in stock that will remove all the dirt, oil and grease from your garage floor. Make sure you follow the directions properly on the can. In addition, the proper protective clothing and eye protection needs to be worn. A facemask may be necessary as well.

Another tool to consider using before applying any concrete garage floor paint is a pressure washer. If you do not have one then consider renting one that has at least twelve hundred to two thousand psi. Your hardware store should provide you with a Concrete floor paint good grease-removing cleaner to use with the pressure washer. Another reason that your coating may not stick is that there is too much moisture in the floor. Moisture from the ground can work up into the floor and loosen the paint.

If your garage floor has heavy water leakage or is damp and slimy throughout the summer then do not apply concrete garage floor paint. Your best option is to keep it as clean as possible. There are new products available that contain epoxy coatings that protect your garage floor from the heat from your tires, from moisture vapor and chemical and oil spills. The standard procedures for the cleaning the floor before the application remain the same, which means the cleaning aspect is still very important to the coating adhering properly. You can find these products at your local hardware store or big box do it yourself center.

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