Application For The Proper Visa To Thailand

Understanding Your Privilege as a Foreign Traveller in Thailand

The government of Thailand has concluded agreements with many different countries on the exemption of visa requirements; thus, allowing nationals of certain countries a period of stay not exceeding 30 days (other countries or territories are granted with at most 15 days period of stay through issuance of visa on arrival). A visa application is required, however, if foreigners wish to stay longer inside the Kingdom.

Types of Thailand Visa

There are different types of visa in Thailand that can be applied for by foreigners, following the purpose of their visit.

  • Tourist Visa or 90-Day Non-Immigrant Visa

There are foreign nationals who intend to have more than just the usual travel in Thailand and aim to further explore the country. The Tourist Visa can give just the right amount of time as it grants the holder up to 90 days stay. The application for this visa is always done outside of Thailand, so you might want to do an advance planning before you plunge into travelling. Once you are in the country, you will have the option to convert this visa to other categories, given, of course, that you have met all qualifications.

Schengen Visa

  • 1-Year Non-Immigrant Visa

The issuance of the 1-Year visa depends primarily on the purpose of the application. However, this type of visa requires the holder to do an exit and reentry to Thailand every 90 days. To make it plain for better understanding, having the 1-Year Non-Immigrant visa is pretty much like getting four consecutive Tourist Visas, only just that this category offers a longer term of validity, and not to mention a higher price.

  • Business Visa

Under the Thai law, any foreigner who wish to conduct a business or any kind of activity that generates an income requires an appropriate visa and a valid work permit. The Business visa is best applied for before coming to Thailand since the initial process involves an application for a 90-day visa which must be applied outside of Thailand, as previously mentioned.

  • Marriage Visa

Thailand is definitely a melting pot when it comes to the diversity of people living in a country and many of the foreigners who are settled here are married to Thais. The Marriage visa allows the foreign spouse of a Thai citizen to stay in Thailand for 1 year (can be renewed every year) provided that the financial requirements for this visa category are met (security deposit of THB 400,000 or monthly income of THB 40,000). This is a single-entry visa and requires a reentry permit in the event when the visa holder finds the need to travel out of Thailand.

  • Retirement Visa

Many foreigners view Thailand as a gateway for great retirement opportunities and for a number of different reasons. For one, Thailand is cheap to travel and cheap to live in.

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