Access Multiple Gmail Accounts In The Same Browser

You have good flexibility with multiple accounts these days. Google have let people to access one account at one time. In fact you have access to one account in one browser at one time. Initially, it was an issue. As the next moment I wanted to have another account signed in, I had to log out from the previous and then log in from my other account. It was tough initially to manage this kind of situation. In fact I had to use either Google chrome to come up to this solution.

If you have multiple accounts on Gmail then you can easily save enough time in going through the redundant cycle of logging in and logging out procedures. Gmail provides you with testing facility of Logging in with the multiple accounts. You can easily get access to sign in with multiple Gmail from same browser. So how is this done?

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When you want that you shall be free to open two accounts on Gmail from same browser, then you must do some setting changes in your Gmail accounts. When you go in to your Gmail Page, you will find a drop down box, which is there under My Account section in Gmail page. These features are also active in Google calendar, Google Reader and other Google sites.

Accessing more than one account at one time

When you need to access more than one Gmail account at same time, you need to perform some task. You have to visit the Google Accounts page. Inside that, you will find “Multiple Sign in” features and you need to enable that. Make sure that you have enabled that in good condition. When you go to enable them enable them, you need to check that your multiple sign-in feature is set to ‘off’. Now, you need to press on Edit and then you will see the option of changing the setting to ‘on’. You need to click on ‘on’. This will help you in making desired changes in setting of the account so that you can have multiple sign in from all your Gmail accounts at once. Juts after this, sign in your main account on Gmail. You will find there is an arrow at the top of the email address that you have typed. There you will get a point that says ‘Sign in to another Gmail Account’. Now, you can easily sign inside another account on Gmail in same browser too.

Two Gmail accounts signed in for advanced users

It is believed that multiple accounts sign in is for high end users but not all services from Google support this. For all those sites such as Picasa and other Google facility, you get signed in to the primary account by default, which you have opened in Gmail initially. Hence now, it is easier for you to easily log in to multiple accounts and keep in words with your official as well as normal clients at one side, whereas chat with your friends through other Gmail accounts.

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